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Ben Bollinger

Criminal Trial Attorney

315 E 4th St

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About the Law Firm of Ben Bollinger


Since 1996, Ben has made himself available to those charged with crimes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Why?  Because when a person is charged with a crime, he considers it a duty and honor to be able to provide advice and comfort by answering any and all questions a person has. 


If a person is being arrested, they need to know what rights they have and to have an attorney present. Much like going to a hospital emergency room when a person has a medical problem, Ben feels being arrested is just as important as any emergency.


Being a lifelong resident of Bay County, Ben has also given back to the community which has given him so much. Whether it be through donations to local charities, legal tips on his commercials, or speaking to someone who has a legal issue on his 24 hour HOTLINE free of charge, it gives the citizens of Bay County a voice when they may be charged with a criminal offense.


It is not uncommon for people to ask "How can you represent a criminal?" The answer to this question is simple. Attorneys who represent people charged with crimes are actually guardians of the Constitution. Before a person's freedom is taken from them, the rules of our Country and State must be upheld to prove Beyond A Reasonable Doubt that they are in fact, guilty. It is not up to any one person, entity, or government agency to determine whether a person charged with a crime is guilty. We live in a nation that has proven over the centuries to be the best in the world and part of the reason for such is that we hold the government to the highest burden before taking away someone's freedom. 


Ben is proud he has NEVER been a prosecutor. You see other advertisements from attorneys they are "Former Prosecutors." From the first day of practicing law, Ben has never worked for the State or Federal Government prosecuting citizens. When he formed The Law Office of Ben Bollinger he focused his practice to help those which have allegedly committed crimes. He has stuck to this assuring every client he works for them and has no loyalties but to that of the Constitution. 


Lastly, Ben tells everyone who hires The Law Office of Ben Bollinger although he cannot promise a certain outcome in their case, he will promise them to diligently work on their case, keep them informed of their case, and do everything legally necessary in a timely manner. If a client calls the office, their phone call will be returned immediately. Of course, should the client have an emergency, they are free to call the 24 hour HOTLINE to discuss this emergency immediately.




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The Law Office of Ben Bollinger

315 East 4th Street

Panama City, FL 32401


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850.763.8003 office

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