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You only have 6 months to live

March 7, 2016


Imagine hearing the words: "You only have 6 months to live."  What would you do?  I recently considered this question.  I don't know why it popped in my head.  Maybe with the constant hustle and bustle of practicing law, representing people charged with DUI's, battery or other miscellaneous felonies I wondered why am I in such a rush.  I then began to debate this with myself and see if I could use this question and answer for good things.  You know, so I wouldn't have regrets later in life.  Of course, many of my answers I wrote down were what you would expect: travel, experience new things, spend more time with loved ones.  However, there was one thing I wrote down that completely surprised me.  I wrote down: Use good dishes everday.  You know those dishes you only pull out for for the holidays or special occasions.  Why would I write that down? If I wrote that down why in the world am I not using them now.  It would make me happier right?  Seems sort of foolish that I wasn't using the dishes all along, huh?  So from that day forward I have been using my good dishes.  I have been doing a lot more things that make me happier too.  I challenge you to ask yourself "What would I do if I only had 6 months to live?"  Maybe you'll start using your good dishes, I did!


If you or a family member are charged with a misdemeanor, felony or violation of probation please call me directly at 850-763-8003.





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