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Super Bowl Tickets

March 30, 2016


The Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting event ever known.  Tickets to the Super Bowl are consistently the most expensive ticket to get when it comes to sporting events.  If you want to buy tickets at a reasonable price they must be purchased super early.  The process to purchase these tickets are completely different from buying tickets to a normal event.  You cannot just go on the web and buy them.


So how to you get these sought after tickets?  Every year the opportunity to purchase tickets for the game is raffled-off in a drawing held by the NFL.  So in order to purchase Super Bowl tickets from the NFL you have to enter a lottery.  If you are interested in going to next year's Super Bowl here are the instructions for entering the lottery for next year's Super Bowl.


Your request for admittance into the lottery should include your full name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email. 


They should be sent to:
Super Bowl Random Drawing

P.O. Box 49140

Strongsville, OH  44149-0140


You can send them now!  Don't wait because the deadline is June 1st!


You will be notified via regular mail in late September or early October as to the status (win or lose) of your eligibility to purchase Super Bowl tickets.


If you ever need help involving being charged with DUI, felony or other misdemeanor offenses please call me at 805-763-8003.


See you soon,




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