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Being kind

April 6, 2016


The stresses we all deal with each day can be tremendously taxing.  Sometimes it is easy to get so wrapped up in what is going on in our lives that you overlook the simple act of being kind to others.  I was in Publix on Monday doing some shopping. It was during my lunch hour and I was happy to be out of the office for a little bit where the phone was not ringing.  As I walked the isles getting my items I started looking around at all the people shopping and the employees working.  Some people I could tell where not having a good day and were not smiling at all.  I thought about that and how just a smile to someone you make eye contact with will make that person smile.  Sure enough with my smile and my buggy I started making others smile.  I helped a lady get a can of something off the top shelf, I asked the Publix employee how they were doing for the day and each of them smiled.  When I got up to the line to check out I let 3 other people get ahead of me because they only had a few items and I had a buggy full.  Each one of them thanked me and smiled.  Being kind to people, even people you do not know spreads like wildfire.  Today make an effort to smile and spread being kind to others.  If we all did this everyday the world would definitely be a better place.  Have a happy hump day!





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