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Controlling your Emotions

September 22, 2016


We all face obstacles in our daily lives.  Difficult people, uncomfortable situations and just going throughout the day of living can sometimes be hard.  We cannot control circumstances we find ourselves in at times.  Sure we can avoid problems and that is always a good idea if you know about it beforehand.  However, sometimes we are wrapped up in a situtation that is not of our making but we have to deal with.  When this happens in court or in my life I simply step back, take a breath and realize that somethings cannot be changed but my attitude about it can be positive.  99.9% of the time if I just control my emotions and relax the answer appears or sometimes the problem still exists but I am able to find a solution at a later time because I didn't act or speak quickly.  At the end of the day it is those that can control their emotions and find the positives even in negative situations that truly enjoy life and are able to overcome obstacles with ease.  If you can train yourself to just control your emotions you will see the world is a beautiful place we just have to look through the smoke sometimes to see it.



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