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2016 Off and running!

January 5, 2016


Wow! I did not know that 2016 was going to be so busy.  People charged with DUI, drugs, and other miscellaneous criminal charges have been calling and coming in for appointments since Friday.  In fact, I have 6 appointments today with people needing legal advice.  


One thing I am constantly doing in my practice is meeting with people to discuss their specific legal case.  NO two cases are alike and I will not give "general" legal advice.  Meeting someone and going over every facet of their case is needed to give good, sound legal advice.  


The same goes for giving someone a quote to represent them.  It is near impossible to give someone a quote over the phone for a criminal case.  Things such as the demeanor of the client, the number of witnesses, the type of charges and/or potential new charges that can occur in a case all go into giving a quote. Whether the person has a misdemeanor, felony, violation of probation (VOP) or a juvenile case, each one is different and requires the personal attention of someone interested in it.  I always tell potential clients that if there is one thing you do not want to skimp on it is the hiring of an attorney.  You want the best defense you can get in court.  Who knows,  you may be sitting next to the attorney you hire in front of a jury and if you went with the economical attorney you may be disappointed.  


I hope everyone has a happy 2016 and if you or someone you know just needs some legal advice or guidance please do not hesitate to call.  I am readily available and I know that when someone leaves my office they will have more knowledge than they walked in with.  


Happy 2016!




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