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Motivation Part 1

June 3, 2016


How do you get motivated to make a great idea you have in your head a reality?  From being more physically fit, to being able to run a race, or even to make more money at your job you need to get started and figure out how to take action and get motivated to take this action.


I have a 5 step process that will encourage you and motivate you.  Really this 5 step process is a series of 5 questions. Over the next several weeks I am going to list these questions/steps out.  Say the question out loud.  Your brain will answer the question that you pose.  Write what you think the answer is down on a sheet of paper and keep it.  I did this in January 2016 and it has really helped me professionally and personally.  I hope you all enjoy this blog series and feel free to contact me with your results or questions you may have.


Question/Step 1:  Why might you take action?

You are playing a trick on your subconscious by asking this question.  You want to trick your subconscious into motivating you to take action, so you need to ask yourself, "Why might you take action?"  Why might you change?  Why might you implement this big idea? Why might you take action?


If you or someone you know needs the services of a criminal defense attorney in Panama City whether it be a DUI, Violation of Probation, Felony or Misdemeanor please call.  I am always available to assist in any criminal matter.






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