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Some days are better than others

April 19, 2016


Yesterday was a rough day for me.  Not only was I busy with court hearings, depositions, client meetings, phone calls and other office duties I was having a bad personal day too.  I could not seem to break out of the sad mood I was in and I was trying so desperately to just make the day.  I assume I was wearing my worry on my face because an elder attorney asked me what was wrong when I was in court.  I did the normal thing and said I was fine but he told me he could tell something was on my mind.  I admitted to him that it was just a bad day and I was sad.  He looked at me and said when he felt that way he made sure to just keep moving and to smile.  He said it was hard to do when you really didn't want to but he said if I did that I would tell a difference.  I left court and headed up to the jail to visit with clients and thought about what he told me. I made a sincere effort to smile the rest of the day.  Although I didn't really want to and I really wanted to crawl in a dark room and just forget about things I got all of my tasks done and did it with a smile.  By the time the end of the day rolled around I looked at my desk and it was empty.  I had completed all of my work and finished everything I had on my list for the day.  What I noticed then was that it made me smile to know I got through with everything.  I didn't have to make an effort to smile because I accomplished getting through the day and in the process helped others and I did so with a smile.  Everyone has rough days and believe me I am not immune from it.  If I would not have had my friend give me this wisdom I guess I would have just felt worse throughout the day.  I hope that you can take something from this story and use it to help yourself get through a rough day.  We all have them we just need to deal with them by putting one foot in front of the other and do it with a smile.


If you or a loved one are in need of a criminal attorney please keep me in mind.  





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The Law Office of Ben Bollinger

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